After several years of being a room parent and helping with classroom parties, I have tried lots of games and activities for Winter theme classroom parties.
    I have complied the list of what works and each year when I am asked to help, I just pull out the list and pick a few ideas.
    Most teachers I have worked with like the station party plan so I usually have a food station, 1 or 2 crafts stations and 1 or 2 activity/game stations.

    Food Ideas


    Gingerbread Houses  & Trees with Graham Crackers
    Snowballs (White Powder Donut Holes)
    Penguin Poop (Chocolate Donut Holes)
    Snowballs (Rice Crispy with sprinkles)
    Snowflake Tortillas
    Marshmallow Snowman
    Snowflake Cheese & Crackers (Cut out cheese slices with mini snowflake cookie cutters)
    Little water bottles decorated as snowman (use foam stickers )or with snowflake stickers



    Gingerbread Houses
    Snowflakes with Pipe cleaners & Beads

    Jingle Bell  Bracelets with Pipe Cleaners

    Christmas Trees with Pipe cleaners & Beads
    Snowman Footprints
    Paper Snowflakes
    Snowman Thumbprint Pictures
    Snow Globes



    Snowball Games– Minute to win it style games
    Pin the Snowman (Can make 2 boards and use as team game)
    Winter Pictionary
    Winter Photo Booth
    Race to stack the marshmallows into a tower
    Tongue Twisters
    Would You Rather Questions

    More Ideas

    For more fun Winter & Holiday activities and games for the classroom and family, please follow my Winter Pinterest Board.

    Happy Holidays!


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