Valentine’s Day Think Book


The Valentine’s Day Think Book contains a variety of questions and prompts to give kids a fun place to express their ideas. It is not an ordinary diary or journal. The creative prompts engage kids in active thinking and imagination.

Who is the Think Book for? It’s for kids and families. The questions are targeted for tweens ages 8-12. Parents and older kids may easily adapt the questions so the whole family can participate. It would also be a great classroom tool for teachers to give to their students.
Includes 6 pages of activities and questions

Examples of activities included are:
-Writing Prompts- short answer and story prompt
-Creative drawing prompts
-And much more….

Grades: 2nd-6th

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The Valentine’s Day Think Book is a guided journal that encourage divergent thinking through innovative prompts, which empower the writer to explore, be curious and creative while expressing their unique perspectives and views. The writer gains insight, self-awareness and confidence through the process of expressing their ideas.

Think Books can be used in the classroom as enrichment for early finishers, in school counseling groups, academic support groups or after school programs. They are also great for personal use at home to encourage reflection and active thinking.

6 pages of activities and questions


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