Mindful Labyrinths


Mindful Labyrinths mindfulness activity are great for helping students with anxiety and stress. The labyrinths (mazes) are often effective for helping students focus and calm down. They work great in calm down areas and before tests to help reduce test anxiety.

These can be used as finger Labyrinths or with a pencil or other tracing object.

They are great for School Counseling activities and classrooms. All ages enjoy them and enjoy the benefits of Labyrinths.

NOTE: Most Labyrinths in the set are drawn to follow the path in the middle with the lines as the walls. Several of the Labyrinths are drawn so that they path is the actual line itself.

12 Different Labyrinths in various sizes, ink friendly and watercolor version, with and without borders.

-102 pages of Labyrinths

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