Life List (Bucket List) Activity


Do you ever feel like you let good opportunities pass by or that you should have pursued a long forgotten childhood dream? No matter your age it is never too late to follow your passions! Creating a life or bucket list isn’t just a cliche thing to do; it’s a great way to recharge and motivate yourself, to help you tap into your creative self and dream big, to give you the courage to try new things, and to live with no regrets. Best of all it’s a great activity for the whole family!

Benefits for kids:

  • creativity from projecting into the future
  • gives an archival of their interests
  • helps them articulate their ideas
  • increases optimism and motivation
  • Benefits for parents:
  • learn more about your child’s interests
  • gives you the opportunity to be creative and think like a kid again
  • helps you set priorities

Things to remember:

stay positive – there are no bad or unrealistic ideas!

make it fun – no idea is too crazy!

listen – use the activity to learn more about your child and their interests!

encourage your child to set goals

help motivate them by asking open-ended questions about how they may achieve some of their ideas.

The Life List Activity includes: a Kid Life List activity, A Parent Life List Activity, and a Family Life List Activity. Each set includes a worksheet and a brainstorming guide with prompts and questions to help you come up with your life list.

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