About School Conversation Starters


About School Conversation Starters is designed to initiate parent/child conversation about school in a fun and relaxing manner. They encourage children to open up and to express their ideas, thought and feelings without perceiving as if they’re being “questioned.” Most importantly, they promote engagement and take the conversation beyond “how was school?”

Suggestions for use:

  • Don’t interrupt, let them expand as much as possible
  • Respond with “hmmm…” and “I see…” to encourage reflection
  • Parents answer “I remember when…” or “when I was your age…” — reminds children you were once a kid also
  • Listen for red flags in your children’s answers that you can discuss in more detail later.
  • Take turns reading questions to encourage active participation
  • If appropriate use expansion questions like why? Do you feel? Do you think? How does that compare to?
  • Great for reflection, expression, reasoning, and self-awareness — all important skills in developing emotional and social intelligence and effective thinking skills. Additionally the time devoted to the activity creates a family ritual that helps develop a deeper connection with your child.

-Includes (144 Questions)


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