Exit Slips Cover

Exit slips are great tools for students to reflect on their learning experience. We created a large variety of engaging versions to assess students’ understanding of a subject or lesson as well as a communication resource between students and teachers.


These prompts are versatile and can be used for any subject. They are designed for use in the classroom, homeschool and at home by parents to have students share what they are learning in school.

Exit slips promote:

-Learning reflection
-Critical Thinking
-Informal learning assessment
-Communication about learning

Product details:

-Over 80 unique exit slips
-Variety of shapes and page orientation
-Variety of small and large to accommodate different writing styles
– Variety of focus including:
33 different “Today” exit slips
23 different “Lesson” exist slips
6 different “This Week” exit slips
10 different specialty focus exit slips such as Project reflection, report card reflection, group work reflection, test reflection, book exit slip, video exit slips and some notes to the teacher.

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Happy Reflecting!



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