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One of our favorite family games is Yamslam. When we are playing we always say, “wow that was lucky.”


This year in the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day I was inspired to create a themed version called Lucky Slam. This post contains affiliate links.

   How to Make Lucky Slam St. Patricks Day Dice Game

  • Paint small wood cubes from Amazon or a craft store with white paint.
  • Put number stickers, LUCKY letter stickers on the dice. (you could write on the dice with sharpie markers)
  • Cover with Mod Podge to seal.
  • Cut out shamrocks from card stock and make 4 shamrocks for each point value.  (To save time you could use poker chips from another game)  Print directions, scoring sheet, play and have fun.

How to Play

Lucky Slam Game is a strategy game which teaches probability and math addition skills.  See how players decide what risks to take to get the best combination and shamrock value. It is fun for the whole family.


Click here to download free directions and the scoring guide.

Lucky Slam Game

lucky slam dice game scoring guide
lucky slam dice game

More Fun St. Patrick’s Day Ideas

st. patrick's day games

In addition to playing Lucky Slam Dice Game, you can always pick up a few green ping pong balls and play Lucky Pong. Just set up 2 buckets equal distance away from the 2 players. Have the players see how many ping pong balls they can bounce into the buckets in a minute.

St. Patrick's Day Think Book
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St. Patrick's Day Conversation Starters
Download our free 24 St. Patrick’s Day Conversation Starters and enjoy fun family dinnertime discussions about luck, catching leprechauns and more.
St. Patrick's Day Conversation Starters
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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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