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Blogs are a great outlet for kids to share their thoughts, feelings and ideas but the notion of starting a blog can be overwhelming: How do I set it up?  What do I write about?  How do I write different types of articles?  How do I engage my audience?

Inspired by our own kids who wanted to start a soccer blog, we created the Think Blog: Blog Writing Guide for Kids. It is a resource for kids ages 8-12 to help plan, organize and create their own blog.  It includes information regarding blogs, organization and profile worksheets, article idea brainstorming prompts, writing worksheets for 18 types of articles, an article planning worksheet and an article reflection worksheet.

There are endless benefits to have kids/students create their own blogs.  Here are a few of the most important benefits:
Practice and develop writing skills: They can improve their writing to influence others and express themselves.  It provides a different platform for reluctant writers, those with different learning styles or those who might be more motivated by choosing their writing topic and article style.
Express and develop their passions and creativity: Kids/Students can write about their interests or hobbies and use different types of articles to allow more creativity and diversity in their writing style.  Their blog gives them a voice and becomes a written portfolio.
Develop confidence while sharing what’s on their mind: Writing a blog will increase confidence in their writing skills, their ability to express themselves and knowledge of their subjects.
Develop a sense of pride and ownership in “published” writings: maintaining a blog helps develop a sense of pride in published work with an authentic audience to read and comment on their ideas.
Become an expert by researching and writing about a topic: As they continue to write various types of articles on specific subjects they will become an “expert” on certain topics.  They can debate and discuss topics through the comments.
Learn Digital Citizenship & Netiquette: Kids will learn what is appropriate and responsible to post online and begin to build a personal brand.
Explore and Learn Technology and Design Skills: Kids will have the opportunity to learn and explore various programs and aspects of technology and design while designing their blog, writing articles, posting links, images, developing content and being creative.
Classroom Benefits: Parents will enjoy reading their kid’s writing in an everyday format.  Students in the class will also learn about each other’s interests in various topics while learning to comment and discuss respectfully. 
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Best wishes for your kids/students for creating their blogs!

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