Valentine’s Day with Tweens

I know tweens are at the age where they become uncomfortable discussing love! So Valentine’s Day can be a tricky holiday to celebrate.  However, with the ideas below you can make it fun while building family memories and traditions.
I have compiled some conversation starters for fun family bonding with a Valentine’s Day  “LOVE” theme.  They are free and can be downloaded from my Teachers Pay Teachers store here.
For more fun ideas continue reading.
Gift Ideas
The best way to show your kids how much you love and care about them is to spend quality time with them so the gift of time can be the best present.  The past several years we have given them coupons for special time with us.  A few examples are movie night, game night, date nights alone with each parent.  I was going to compile a complete list and create the coupons for you however, there is already a great post and free printable coupons by here.
The conversation starters make great dinner time conversation to celebrate Valentine’s Day.
Game Time-  This Heart Yatzee game by is on our list for this year as well as the conversation heart minute to win it games featured by Sassy Sites.
Creating silly love stories is also a yearly tradition for us on Valentine’s Day.  You could make your own imagination dice, or for ones to purchase I suggest Rory’s Story Cubes or Tell Tale cards.
For reflection and creativity, please check out our Valentine’s Day Think Book.  You can download a free sample page here or purchase the entire packet from my Teachers Pay Teachers here.
Have fun with these Valentine’s Day activities.  Remember to discuss and model healthy loving relationships with your kids.  The conversation questions above are a great way to spark conversations that lead to more meaningful disucssions regarding love and relationships.  It is a great time to share family love stories including any you know from the grandparents and earlier generations.
 For more fun Valentine’s Ideas follow my Valentine’s Day Pinterest board.
Happy Valentine’s Day!

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