I know tweens are at the age where they become uncomfortable discussing love! So Valentine’s Day can be a tricky holiday to celebrate.  However, with the ideas below you can make it fun while building family memories and traditions.

Gift of Time

The best way to show your kids how much you love and care about them is to spend quality time with them so the gift of time can be the best present.  The past several years we have given them coupons for special time with us.  A few examples are movie night, game night, date nights alone with each parent.  

Let’s Talk About Love

Valentine's Day Conversation Starters and writing prompts
Conversation starters are a fun way to get your tweens and teens talking about love and what it means to them. These conversations can be insightful and entertaining!  The conversation questions above are a great way to spark conversations that lead to more meaningful discussions regarding love and relationships. Valentine's Day conversation starters and writing prompts
It is a great time to share family love stories including any you know from the grandparents and earlier generations.
Enjoy these free conversation starters with a “Love” theme.  Downloaded here or from my Teachers Pay Teachers store and getting talking tonight at dinner.

Other Activities

Game Time-  This Heart Yatzee game by MomsbyHeart.net is on our list for this year as well as the conversation heart minute to win it games featured by Sassy Sites.
Create silly love stories is one of our yearly traditions for Valentine’s Day.  You could make your own imagination dice with a Valentine’s Day theme and come up with your own love stories.
For writing reflections and creativity, check out our Valentine’s Day Think Book.  It can be purchased here or from my Teachers Pay Teachers Store.
 For more fun Valentine’s Ideas follow my Valentine’s Day Pinterest board.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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