Snowball Games

Snowball games Color CoverOne of our newest family Christmas traditions is an evening of Snowball Games as one of our advent calendar activities.  These games are minute to win it style games which are easy to set up with only a few supplies needed and fun for the whole family.  Snowball games can be adapted to larger groups so they are great for classroom parties, family holiday celebrations or Christmas parties.
Snowball Pong
Set up little buckets (or cups) at a chosen distance in front of each player.
Bounce as many snowballs (white ping pong balls) into the cup as you can in a minute
Snow Shovel Race
Give each player an equal pile of snowballs (cotton balls) and a plastic spoon.
Race to see which player can scoop the most cotton balls off the table into the cup in a minute.  You can’t touch the snowballs with your hands.
Snowball Fight
Ball up lots of white tissue paper to make snowballs. Make a line with tape across the floor.
Race to see how many snowballs each team can throw across to the other side.  The team with the least snowballs on their side after a minute wins
Snow Blower
Tape plastic cups to the edge of the table. Give each player a pile of snowballs (white ping pong balls) and an empty paper towel roll. Race to see how many snowballs each player can blow across the table and into the cup.
Snowflake Race
Place a paper snowflake on each player’s head.  Set up a racetrack with cones and race around the track with the snowflake on your head.  If it falls off, you have to stop and put it back on.  You can time each player if space is an issue.
Snowman Wrap
Break into teams and give each team a roll of toilet paper.  Race to wrap one of the team members into a snowman.  You can add a race component to this game if you want to make it more challenging.
Snowball Bounce
See how many times each player can bounce a snowball (white ping pong ball)
on a spatula without it falling on the floor in a minute.
Snowball Toss
Break into teams and have one player hold a bowl on his head.  Give the other player a pile of snowballs (cotton balls).  Race to see how many snowballs you can get in the bowl in a minute.
Blizzard Ball
Give each team a large snowball (white balloon inflated without helium)
See which team can punch the snowball back and forth without it touching the ground
Snowball Juggle
Give each player a large snowball (white balloon, inflated without helium)
Have each player juggle the snowball on with his or her feet, knees, thighs, arms, shoulders, heads (NO HANDS). See which player can juggle it the most times without it touching the ground
Penguin Walk
Set up a racetrack with cones.  Have each player place a large snowball (white balloon or soft ball) between his or her knees and walk like a penguin around the track.  Time each player to see who is the fastest penguin.
Snowball Knockout
Set up 3 cones in front of each player.  Ball up white copy paper to make snowballs.  Place a snowball on the top of each cone. Throw snowballs at the snowballs on the cones to try to knock them off.  See which player can knock the most off in a minute.
You can download a free copy of the Snowball Games with descriptions here.
Penguin Walk
Snowflake Race
Snowblower Game
Ideas and inspiration for the games were adapted from a variety of resources and websites.
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