This year start a new tradition by creating your own Christmas and Winter theme Imagination Dice.

One of our advent calendar activities is to use the dice to create silly holiday stories, which is great for imagination, creativity, storytelling and general family fun. My kids have already asked when we’re going to do it again because we had so much fun last year!

Imagination Dice Ideas


Use as a Writing or Story Prompt:

-Roll one dice to get a story started
-Roll one dice at a time and keep adding to the story
-Roll all the dice at once and write a story
-Start with a theme, setting or characters, and then roll the dice to write a story
-Use with a group and tell a story with the dice.  Each person can roll a dice and add on to the story

Advanced Challenges:


-Roll the dice and write a poem
-Roll the dice and write a math word problem
-Roll one dice and make a list of everything you can think of to describe the image you rolled (Try using a Mind Map)
-Roll 2 dice and list all the differences and similarities between the 2 images you rolled (Could use a Venn Diagram)

Use your imagination and have fun!


Images we used:

Christmas Tree
Gingerbread House
North Pole
Santa Hat
Gingerbread Girl
Candy Cane
Santa Workshop
Christmas Card
Grinch’s Dog
Gingerbread Boy
Ski Trail Map
Ice Skates
Ski Pass
Snow gloves
You can print a free Imagination Dice ideas sheet from my Teachers Pay Teachers Store.
Check out Imagination Dice for directions to create your own imagination dice and more ideas for themes.  Holiday Imagination Dice make great party favors or gifts for neighbors or friends.  They are also fun to use at family holiday gatherings with the grandparents and relatives.
Hope your family has lots of laughs, creates silly stories and starts a new holiday tradition with Holiday Imagination Dice.   Don’t forget to write down or record your stories.

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!


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