My childhood memories of St. Patrick’s Day are mostly wearing green to make sure I did not get pinched.

With my kids, each year I try to expand on our St. Patrick’s Day celebration.

The kids have always worn green shirts, had treats such as Shamrock cookies, made a craft and read a few St. Patrick’s Day stories.

The last couple of years they have designed, created and set up traps to try to catch Leprechauns.  Even though they haven’t caught one, the leprechauns have played tricks on them such as switching their beds while they slept, placing green kisses on their foreheads, turning over chairs and making other messes around the house.  Although their traps have yet to be successful, each time they discuss how to make their trap better the next year.
In our home, we strive to create contagious enthusiasm and long-lasting memories.  Our children’s excitement for St. Patrick’s Day is the positive feedback that shows us these types of activities create a fun, inspiring environment and leaves lasting impressions.
This year I am inspired to make St. Patrick’s Day even more festive with all the ideas I have found on Pinterest.

Our Family Celebration will include activities such as:



Check out my Pinterest St. Patrick’s Day board  for links to amazing ideas.


Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Best of luck to your family catching a Leprechaun!


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